We offer a workshop to organizations to help their leaders to activate and implement the concepts presented in The Leadership Workout. The goal is to help leaders to become more intentional about their daily leadership through reflection and refinement of how they show up every day.

As a leader your actions are constantly evaluated by those you lead, and they set the tone for your people’s actions, decisions and behaviors. Hence, as a leader it matters how you show up every day– what you do, how you behave, what you decide, and what you emote, when dealing with matters big or small.

This workshop uses the framework from The Leadership Workout to help each participant explore what trips them up in their daily leadership and how to become a more intentional leader, despite the daily pressures of serial meetings, pending deadlines and difficult colleagues.

Developing such increased intentionality enables a leader to more consistently  embody the values and vision of their leadership in all their actions and decisions, big and small, irrespective of the circumstances. This then reinforces their credibility and trustworthiness as a leader and with that their people’s willingness to follow their lead and help deliver the leader’s vision.


Brenda van Camp-Elmes (the author)

Gina Larkin